Pixel Art

Here is just a sampling of my 2D pixel art through the years.  The majority was done in Photoshop with a little bit of tweaking in Illustrator.  Although I try to capture a 16-bit style of my youth, it's still "modern" pixel-art with alpha layers and a large color palette. 


A .gif of my wife's room.  I'm proud of the detail on her desk and my cat animation. And yes, she really does have that many books. 

This medley showcases a group of Flash games made for various artists.  1-2 'King Washington': Main character and enemy. 3-5 'There is No Mountain': Main characters and enemy. 6-7 'Water, Sweet Water': I was asked to make an ASCII dragon, and in 7 (the 'Ghosts & Goblins'-esque level select screen) you can see it flying around. 8-9 'So Sorry': Intro screen and final boss. 10 'King Washington': this was a clear-screen the character could summon (think 'Streets of Rage' car bazooka) in which Washington and his men crash a wave into the enemies.  (Because of the lack of security in Flash, I won't post the games, but will email them upon request.)

A .gif of my work space.  That's my cello by my desk and our "Doctor Who" Van Gogh hanging above. 

Skeleton Hunter 2 The final boss.  I slowed this down to half speed for detail.


We decided that the top score on our arcade game, 'Skeleton Hunter 2', would get a copy of the original 'Skeleton Hunter' text adventure. I created the game in Quest and set out to make Feelies like an old Infocom title. It came complete with letter, map, playing notes and single floppy disk with the game actually on it!  It was a lot of work put into something that's probably now sitting in the winner's closet untouched... 

Hawai'i  A bit of a nostalgia trip to the old Lucasarts graphics.  I used a soft focus after effect.