Looking Glass Robot

A robot entered in a contest for Sketchfab. The neon is quasi-anamorphic, changing words when viewed from different angles,

USS Xavier

This might have been my largest undertaking: a fake Star Trek TV intro using a 3D animated sequence in Sketchfab. Details on how it was done in Technique.

Little John

A tribute to my favorite character from a Hideo Kojima game...Little John!

Translation of dialogue here:


The making of "uh uh"

(Just a little NSFW warning to cover my behind)

This was probably my longest project in terms of setup. I had to also transcribe the bass solo before animating the fingers.  I didn't know I was going to create a video when I created these doll-characters, but it all looked so good once I started using 'Max's new Arnold renderer, I realized I didn't want to squander my guys on still images!    

Attack the Block

I used a combination of Mudbox and 'Max to create Moses and then rigged the character and aliens in 3DS Max.  After setting animation keyframes, I let it render and did all of the VHS degradation in After Effects.

Double Fine!

A quick video I did of the game company Double Fine's mascot. I used MassFX for the physics.  The perfect sticky banner took longer than expected...



The song 'Lottery Ticket' is by the great Andrew McMahon who at this point doesn't really need my promoting but check out his album.

All dust particles and D.O.F. effects were created with After Effects to cut down on render time.