About Me

Welcome to my art page!  My name is Edward La Barbera and about 8 years ago I started drawing and doing graphic design.

A little after that I started animating.

A little after that I started rendering and the rest is, well, this page. 

I love art and video games -- although like most adults I rarely get a chance to play them -- and have a newfound respect for games with clean, beautiful geometry after doing it in my own work!  I also love music but that's a whole 'nother web page...

My main programs are 3DS Max, Blender, Unity, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere (pretty much anything Creative Cloud), Substance Painter/Designer, and Mudbox


Talk to me

Job offers?  Want to hear me blather about normal maps and cage-free light baking?  Questions about my favorite prog-rock band?  Talk to me!

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